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Reasons to Invest in Casked
Rare Whisky
Zero Capital Gains Tax
Typical returns of 10-20% per annum
Access to the most sought after brands available
Low correlation to the stock market
A Solid Addition to Your Investment Portfolio

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Examples of Price Increases
for Whisky Investing

Balvenie Tun 1401 bottle

Launched in 2010 at a price of £150.

Today it is worth £4400,

Increase of 2,833%

Macallan Royal Marriage

Released in 2011 at a price of £150.

Today it is worth £3000.

Increase of 1,900%

Lagavulin 30-year-old

Launched in 2006 at a price of £210.

Today it is worth £2650

Increase of 1,162%

How Investors can profit safely

from casked whisky investing?

Zero Capital Gains Tax

HMRC classifies whisky as a “wasting asset” with a limited lifetime, CGT does not apply to any profits made on whisky casks. 

A Solid Addition to Your Investment Portfolio

A solid investment strategy that diversifies your existing portfolio.

Average returns of 8-10% per annum on whisky cask investments

Fact – the top 100 Investment grade whisky brands are up over 500% across the last decade.


You’re not reliant on a single fund manager or company to perform.

Fully-insured at current market value

It’s fully insured against theft, accidental damage.

Very low correlation to the stock market

A safe haven investment strategy when when stock markets bearish.

Whisky Investing Process

The following gives a good understanding of a typical purchase and selling process


Where do we get our whisky?
Our whisky is sourced from the best distilleries in Scotland and Ireland. Purchasing it at discounted rates to help distilleries cover their up front costs.


Where are the whisky casks kept?
Investors will see these rates and will purchase the casks outright. The casks are stored in a secure bonded warehouse and insured.


How long are casks aged for?
You then wait anywhere from 5-7 years whilst your casks get more and more valuable. We will re-insure your cask every year in line with the increase.


What is our exit strategy?
When you’re ready to exit for returns of between 12-20%, you have one of 6 exit strategies. Include selling on to whisky brands and bottling under your own label.

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A decade of growth from 2007-2008, Scotch Whisky exports have increased from £2.88BN to £4.7BN and Scotch Whisky now accounts for 20% of FMCG exports from the UK.
The 2019 Frank Knight Wealth Report

Examples of Price Increases